Lionel O Guage Uncoupler track section

In preparation of either setting up or giving to my son for grandson,
I dug out my old Lionel train I received for Christmas in 1950 - yes
I'm an old Fart. Everything seems to be working and only needs
cleaning except for a section of track that is used to uncouplecars or
activate the box car door.
It has a black bakelite base with the 3 rails and trhen 2 other metal
bars parallel to the rails, but does not have connectors to another
section. Right in the center of the section, there is a red plastic
disc with a metal "core" slightly protruding, also from the center of
the disc. On the side of the section, there are 4 screws for
connecting the two button unit. My problem is two-fold:
1) the wire that was connected to the track section covering has
totally deteriorated, breaking - no crumbling.
2) Beacuse they are not connected, I don't know how to connect the
buttons to the screw posts.
I tried to trace the paths with a continuity checker, but I get
confusing readings - ie no real logical path. It has to get power
from the track, as there are no other connections from either the
track section or the button unit.
Can someone help or direct me to a source for help ?
Thanks for any and all replies.
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Here is your UCS track section:
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Here is the wiring diagram(this site goes down all too often - be patient - it will come back):
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Here are the instructions / owner's manual(that section/accessory has not changed since 1949):
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