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I just completed a layout with an inner and outer loop, using 4 Bachmann EZ
Track turnouts. Two turnouts, both on the outer loop, work OK in both
directions with the switch box supplied with the turnouts. The two on the
inner loop only work in one direction. The switch boxes are OK; the problem
follows the turnouts.
My questions:
Does the problem have anything to do with the inner loop? The loco runs fine
on both loops.
Do I have two defective turnouts?
What on earth are they talking about "Polarizing of the frog"? I just do not
understand it. Let me quote
from the little piece of paper wrapped around one of the cables. "Polarizing
of the frog. The turnouts are not polarized when delivered to avoid short
circuits. If necessary (eg. Running a small locomotive), you can plug the
connector to the turnout to polarize it. Warning! The turnout setting must
always be correct for the direction from which the turnout is entered to
avoid short circuits." I'm not a stupid person, but what does all that
Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.
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Some kind of silly translation problem. They mean 'energizing' the frog. Most cheap turnouts use plastic (insulated) frogs, since the frog is both the left and right rails (depending on where the points are). Better quality turnouts have a separately 'powered' metal frog.
It means there is a connection to power the frogs, but that the power you use needs to be switched based on the point position -- either powered from a switch or (better) relay energized by (or in parallel to) the turnout motor or by wiring the frog connection to the points themselves, if you are sure that the points will make good contact with the rails they 'snap' against. If you run mostly (only?) longer locomotives, you can leave the frog unpowered, since a longer locomotive will have enough power pickups spaced far enough apart to not mind one wheel riding on an unpowered frog. Short locomotives, however need to frog to be powered or they might 'stall' on the turnout due to lack of live power pickups.
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