Lionel pre-war brushes & brushcards

My Lionel-Ives 1661E has just a smidge of brush left. I ordered a set and
they don't fit. I discussed it with someone quite knowledgable (he restores
Lionel trains semi-professionally) and he said there is only one size. The
new ones I have are ~ 5/32" in diameter, cylindrical, with a slight step at
one end where the spring attaches. The old ones are 1/8" in diameter,
cylindrical, and the end away from the commutator is cut at an angle.
Anyone know if these are standard issue Lionel that I can get a replacement
The brushcard was connected to the motor by 2 brass rivets 3/32" diameter.
I can't seem to find any 3/32" rivets in less than a quantity of 500. I
only want 2. My local train store didn't have any. Replacing them with
machine screws is difficult because of the position, very hard to get a nut
in place. What is a good source for small hardware?
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The correct brushes for the 1661 (and most other prewar O-27 / Lionel-Jr. locos) are part no. 1661E-29 with brush springs no. 1661E-30. These are the same smaller diameter brushes and springs that are used in prewar and most postwar whistles.
I have found
formatting link
to be a good, dependable source of parts for pre and post war Lionel. I have not ordered from
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, but I understand they are also a good source, and they have lots of good original Lionel Service Manual data available at their web site. Gary Q
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