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Hi. what is a reasonable minimum radius for Model Die Casting Heisler and Box Diesel in HO. Thanks . John Hudson.

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MDC makes a Shay in various forms and Rivarossi (RIP!) MADE a Heisler. Anyway..............18". The Boxcab will go to, say, 15". The others might too with some minor mods but I would make 18" the minimum.


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All this talk of plaster casting and minimum radius makes me wonder about the minimum ulna. Nobody seems to write about that.



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That's because the minimum ulna is much larger and only becomes significant in larger scales, such as 1:1

I am quite sure that some wag will post a more informative post than this, but it is all I could come yp* with on short notice.

NOTE: Due to potential licensing issues the word formerly formed from the letters 'U' and 'P' will now be presented as 'yp'. contact the Public Relations Department of the Union Pacific Corporation if this causes any problem.


P. C., GA.

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Ha, ha! That's pretty humerus...

Well, you should be...

Jeff Sc. Highway 206, Ga.

Don't bother to reply via email...I've been JoeJobbed.

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Jeff Sc.

Speaking of wags, I didn't have to look very far eh?


Central of, GA.

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Keep up jokes like that and I'll have a bone to pick with you.

Jay Back in action once again

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Did you not see the answer posted to your question when you asked the same thing a month ago, or do you have a problem about the answer (which follows)?

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You need to lighten up. I posted the joke AFTER the answer to your question. Or maybe your newreader needs tweaking.

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