Minutes of Board Meetng of June 2, 2005

Quincy Rotary East Board Meeting, June 2, 2005 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 12:08 p.m. at the Ritz.

Members Present: Elizabeth Flynn, Amy Lannerd, Chelona Edgerly, Bob Baird, Scott Nozawa, and Hank Murray.

The minutes of the meeting of May 5, 2005 were approved as previously circulated.

The Treasurer presented a verbal report. Checking account balance: $3,139.68. Saving Account: $3,649.

Following discussion, it was moved, seconded and carried that bank statements be sent to the Secretary for review and then forwarded in a timely manner to the Treasurer.

The financial projections for FY 2005-2006 were distributed and reviewed for informational purposes. Assuming continuation of Paul Harris Fellow at $1,000, Scholarships at $2,000, and Newspapers in Education at $600, there is about $300 available for additional projects during the year.

Following discussion, it was moved, seconded and carried that all projects must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

The meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

Henry Murray Secretary

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Henry Murray
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... and this is posted to rec.models.railroad because ... ?????

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Bill McCutcheon

What are they going to do, put a big model railroad in the lobby of City Hall?

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Steve Hoskins

Its an H0 Rotary club, meets in a redundant VIP waiting room in the Central Valley Terminal Railroad (HO)station, nicknamed the Ritz on account of the plush decor. Keith Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.

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Keith Norgrove

...I'm stupid! Went to send it and didn't notice that I was on rec.models.railroad.

Sorry about that.

Unfortunately, I'm the only model RRer in the club.

And the "Ritz" ain't plush!

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Henry Murray

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