Model Railroader. Cost of getting it home.

For ages now, I have been paying $8.95 Au for my M.R. at the newsagents. The
exchange rate at the time was about $1au to .56us. Now it is about $1 to
.78us and the cost of the magazine has rocketed up to $10.80!
Did the US cover price go up with the new look or something?
I started wondering if they have to scan them for weapons on their way out
of the US.... I dunno. But it stopped me buying the 70th Anniversary issue.
MR's a great mag and probably one of the World's best (70 years is a pretty
good guage) ,but I'm not paying $10.80!
As a by-line, I downloaded the December issue of Finescale Railroader. It
was a big download.. about 15mb or so.. but I have it and I can print out
pictures etc...
My big question is, with the costs of printing etc, why can't the magazines
offer an online service?
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January issue?
Cover price was $1US higher than normal. ($5.95) Back to $4.95 for February.
Peter King in NY
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Peter King
It was the same here in Canada, the cover price went up $2.00 to $8.95C. Add to this our 15% tax, and the issue cost me $10.29 Canadian. I picked mine up at a supermarket and did not notice the price until I got through the checkout. Ouch!
MR's reason for the higher price was the "increased content and foldouts". I didn't notice the increased content, and they've had foldouts many times in the past with no increase in price. To show it isn't an isolated price increase, I notice that Kalmbach's "Fine Scale Modeler" was also higher in January. And it certainly wasn't their 70th anniversary.
Just a money grab I imagine.
Bob Boudreau Canada
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Here in the UK, the cover price of the January 2004 issue was still the regular 2.75 GBP. For some time now the only cover price printed on the magazine has been the UK one, so I don't know what the Dollar price was, but at the present exchange rate that would equate to around 4.90 US Dollars.
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