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I got an email from Kalmbach yesterday with some of the new announcements - I see that Intermountain is going to do FP7's! I went to their web site, but there is nothing there yet. Has anyone at the show seen them? I hope they do a standard Ph1 unit with all of the normal D/B, Heeadlight, pilot options available. The newswire email mentions they will have sound available as well.

Jim Bernier

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Jim Bernier
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Marty McGuirk showed me a bunch of N scale stuff, and I was asking about Intermodal. I think I glossed over the the FP7s; it got lost in the Athearn Tunnel Motor news and how it affected IM's plans for an HO scale one (since they did an Nscale one last year).

I'll look again today when I go in a few minutes.


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Kennedy (no longer not on The Haggis!)

What Athearn Tunnel Motor News?

45T-2 I hope


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Hudson Leighton

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