Just curious as to how many of you will be going to Seatlle next week for the NMRA national? See you there. Art Fahie.

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Art Fahie
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Not me...something like that is definitely NOT in my cards.

Next year, wherever that is, perhaps?

Dieter Zakas

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I had registered, but then cancelled. I decided the money could better be used on my layout :-).

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Larry Blanchard

I am but that doesn't mean much. I do know the convention will be big. Two (maybe three) hotels are sold out and they are on the reserve hotels. Many of the tours (or whatever) are sold out. I think everybody that didn't go to Canada made sure they went to this one.

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Jon Miller

I was going to go, but then I found a great deal on slightly used WMDs from Syria, so I'm spending my money on those instead....

Don't bother to reply via email...I've been JoeJobbed.

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Jeff Sc.

We're skipping it too this year. I'd love to be there, but it's just too far to drive which is the only way to take our display layout. We'll use the time to prepare for upcoming shows, especially next year's convention in Cincinnati.

Jim Sacco City Classics

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Artie, I wish I could go, but to damn far to drive with inventory. Your products are excellent and I feel certain that both you and the hobby will benefit from your presence. Best of luck. I'm hoping to attend next year's show in Ohio. HZ

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Howard Zane

Nah, it just won't be the same without the threat of catching SARS.

.....INCOMING!!! 8^D

Paul - "The CB&Q Guy" (Modeling 1969 in HO.)

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Paul K - The CB&Q Guy

Already in Seatle. Promises to be one of the best conventions ever. Already glad I came and the formal convention does not even start till Sunday

Stan Ames

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Stan Ames

In Cincinnati, Ohio next year.


Hzakas wrote:

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Chris Munson

I will.

Taking Amtrak, going on the 4th. Won't get to the Convention until Wed (Tuesday is spent with the Folks....).


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Kennedy (no longer not on The Haggis!)

2200+ registered fro the convention.

I had a great time.


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Howard R Garner

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