NS number boards?

What color should the number boards and numbers be on a Kato Norfolk
Souther #1308 GP35 low hood? White on black or black on white?
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I've seen pics of both black on white and white on black on a.b.p.r. Seems like you'll need a photo of this engine.
There doesn't seem to be the concern for consistency that there was in the past. Eg, there was a pic of a GTW engine posted where one number board was white on black, and the other black on white.
Good luck!
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Wolf Kirchmeir
It was delivered with white numbers on black, as with the early N&W practice. See:
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In about 1971 (I don't know the exact date) the N&W changed its practice to black numbers on white. See:
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The loco probably retained these later number boards when the merger with the Southern created the Norfolk Southern.
As a side note, Richard Shell at
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makes very nice N&W, Southern and NS decal sets, including a wide variety of number board sets suitable for your project. Geezer
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