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I have a bunch of old HO stuff, mostly made from kits, from a collecting habit I finally broke!! Is there any market for this stuff??

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you can post it on this group. also, if you have a digital camera, you can take pictures and sell it on ebay. but first check out what comparable stuff goes for on ebay. Here's the link you want for HO:

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How old is old?

If you're talking AT LEAST 40 years or more (i.e., stuff from the 1940's and

50's and VERY EARLY 1960's) we have a collector's group over on Yahoo, " vintageHO " (URL in my sig)

Newer nice equipment, make a list and offer to send it to anyone who's interested here. (DON'T post the list itself to the group unless it's only one or two items).

If you're talking Tyco/Bachmann/AHM/Lifelike etc. junk from the 70's and newer, go to eBay, there's lots of buyers there with more money than brains.


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