Precision Craft Models?

Hi... a soon-to-be offered Ho scale Alco FA-1 locomotive from Precision Craft
Models caught my eye, but I'm not familiar with the company. The loco will
have a "LokSound" sound system.
Does anyone have comments about Precision Craft's products?
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Mark Mathu
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I believe they are a branch of Broadway Limited. (they have the same address, PCM is in Suite A, BLI is in Suite c)
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It's a division of Soundtraxx I believe. They announced their HOn3 K-27 and Rolling stock quite some time ago. I can't remember when but its seems like I heard about them at the same time I found out about MMI's On3 / On30 K-27s. MMI's HOn3 K-27 has been on the come a long time too. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
Mark; Precision Craft Models is in fact a sister company to Broadway Limited. The main reason that they choose a new name is primarily for marketing. Broadway associated with QSI sound and the Precision Craft associated with LOK Sound. AS far as producing anything that you can buy, that has not happened yet. I believe the locomotives you are referring to are scheduled for late summer 2006. One piece of advice is to pre-order and wait. If you do not and the run is short or built to order you may be disappointed. For what it is worth.
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Hi, I asked this question a while (18 months?) ago... I never acted on buying one of their FA-1s, but am now thinking of it. Since some time has passed and now the FA-1 models (and other PCM models) are out in use, I'd be interested in reading the opions of rec.models.railroad on these models... in terms of running qualities, details, and the sound system. My interest is in the FA-1, but would appreciate comments on other PCM models if you think it is relevant to the discussion.
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Mark Mathu

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