Railroads in the backwoods today

I took advantage of a gorgeous late spring day to drive up thru
northern New Hampshire to Canada, just to see what there was to be seen.
After leaving Franconia Notch behind to the south, things get thinner
and thinner as the Canadian border is approached. There is only one
road (old US 3) that goes all the way. The last 30 miles to the border
run thru a national forest (created in 1939). The road has shrunk down
to two narrow lanes with bumps and sharp curves for these last 30 miles.
About 50 miles south of the border, running alongside the upper
Connecticut River, I found the Central Railroad of NH Car Repair
Facility. See photo.
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On either side of the repair shop they had long lines of really clapped
out boxcars, graffiti covered, original road names painted over, but
fairly modern, no roof walks, roller bearings. Presumably they were
awaiting repair at the car repair facility. Central New Hampshire RR Inc
is described as a class III railroad, revenues less than $5 mil
providing freight service between Lunenburg VT and Whitefield NH over
8.47 miles of track leased from the State of New Hampshire.
This facility could make a neat model, out in the boonies and an
excuse to park any number of cars out in the woods. At the same
driveway off US 3 there was also ?Bear Paw Energy? with a big vertical
fuel oil tank and some horizontal propane tanks. This would justify as
much tank car traffic as one could desire. It seemed like a cool little
traffic generating site out in the middle of no where that could be
modeled when I get some bench work done.
David Starr
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David Starr
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