Railway Semaphore

I have a chance to buy a large actual Railway Signal Semaphore, with
the blade. How much are they worth?
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As much as you are willing to pay.
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Rick Jones
Plus my commission ...
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Lobby Dosser
Very little.
But I happen to have:
1.) An ex Southern Pacific searchlight signal head in working condition.
2.) A Nevada Northern switch stand. (Rusty)
3.) An old 120 pound brass bell that used to belong to the Santa Fe shops in Barstow, CA.
4.) A Southern Pacific Dietz lamp (a kerosene flashlight) from Donner Pass. (Works but leaks a bit.)
5.) A large brown ceramic pot made for food storage by the Chinese laborers who blasted the Central Pacific right of way across Donner Pass in the High Sierras during the late 1860s.
6.) A Santa Fe kerosene brakeman's lantern. (Probably works, but I haven't tried it.)
All of them will be worth millions in the very near future, and I *am* taking offers...
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