Re: "Been fishing" :-)

IM BACK! Been fishing and had a great time and fish fry on our last night...For
> pictures email me...
> Larry at
Like we're going to believe you when you show us a picture of the fish that
"you" caught. Afraid you're going to have to ship the actual fish.
Don't worry about covering the return shipping charge.
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o u t e n d
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Just making sure he feels 'at home' again. Hope he didn't get sea-sick... could be a little green around the gills right now!
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David F.
You guys are all a little sea sick, but it is good to be back in the pond...
Look for our ad in MR in September. Tell me what page it is on and take 10% off of any of our services...How is that for not being a carp?
Larry at
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I await the Sept. MR with (dare I say it?) baited breath. It's between the front and rear covers. I'll send the unit now. Paul
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They've moved down the scale while you were away!
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Gregory Procter

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