Re: Kids and Trains.

Our club ran down at the Sandy Eggo Model Railroad Museum today, and
> for some reason thare were a whole bunch of pretty young single moms
> in attendence -along with their sons.
> When I spot a young boy who's glued to the glass like a leech -and who
> looks old enough to understand the basic "look but don't touch" rule-
> I'll sometimes go invite him into the layout along with mom or dad to
> see how things look from the other side of the glass and let them both
> twist the throttle a bit.
Why you are a kindly old grandfather.
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That's one of the reasons I prefer the Nevada State Railroad Museum at Carson City (apart from its V&T theme) over the bigger and more famous Sacramento, CA equivalent.
The Sacramento museum is patrolled by armed rentacops to enforce a strict no touching policy, but one time when I was at Carson City, a docent was explaining to a young kid who'd asked him, how the link moved to operate the valves and how it was raised and lowered from the cab, before going up there to operate it himself to show him, finally having the kid up there to do it himself.
Result: the kid will be a fan for life. Maybe even a future docent at the museum.
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Christopher A. Lee
Why are I a kindly old grandfather? I'm not.
I'm a kindly old biker with a short temper.
Ask anyone.
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Naw. That Activia stuff just isn't my style.
The ladies generally prefer to see me holding a Dobro and singing a Jimmie Rodgers song about freight trains in heaven.
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~Pete (AKA Deaf Lester Crawdad.)
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