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>Can anyone give me a bit of advice on how to mask off windows........
A liquid mask painted on is probably your best bet in this situation. Because
you have to paint the inside of the sills next to the window you will have to
be very careful to not let any of the mask get up against them. The good liquid
latex masks that I have used seem to start to set fairly quickly so it makes it
difficult to do fine exacting work. Once it starts to set you can't touch it
with the brush or it makes a mess and trying to trim it after it sets also
results in a mess. The good thing is that if you do mess things up, just let it
set a few minutes, pull it off and start over. Also some masks tend to want to
bead up when applied to plastic in a thin layer. It will probably take a bit of
practice applying it to get the feel of it and you may want to thin the mask if
it is fairly thick - but too thin and it will want to run beyond where you want
it to go.
J. Bright
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I've used Bob Dively masking film for years and it works great. There are probably others just as good , but this works for me. It sets slow enough that it gives you time to work. Takes about 2 hours to set up completely. You can mark on it and cut it after it sets. Makes a nice sharp edge. You do want to put it on pretty heavy or its difficult to peel off. You can usually find this at hobby shops that sell RC cars and airplanes..
Ken Day
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Ken Day

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