Microscale liquid mask

Anyone use this stuff with any success? I tried it on a canopy, left
it to dry overnight, then the next morning most of the masking had
seperated from the canopy. It appeared to have dried, shrank and
popped off. Any ideas?
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PS--So no one wonders, the canopies were squeaky clean, washed in dish soap, well rinsed, then wiped with alcohol. I've tried Elmer's glue with questionable succes (too runny), and currently have a coat of Ambroid liquid mask on them. We'll see I guess. But the Microscale mask issue is quite aggravating, so if anyone has any thoughts, lay 'em on me.
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I used to use this stuff that I don't know if it's still around. It was called Magic Masker. It came in a bottle about the size of a film canister. The stuff inside kinda looked like a reddish-brown elmers glue. I always had great success with it. It never seperated or shrank ... and my canopies came out perfect. But a friend of mine didn't like the stuff. Ahh well ... to each his own.
With Microscale, maybe one thing you could try. Don't let it dry overnight. Try letting it dry for about 2 hours. With Magic Masker, I would do the outline of the canopy first. Let the stuff flow into the panel lines separating the windshild from the frame. Then fill in the rest of the windshield. I would use a toothpick to scrape away the masker once I had painted the rails.
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A long time ago. I never could quite get the hang of using it. Usually pulled from the frame edges. Best masking medium for me is Bare Metal Foil. Might be a bit $$ for large green house style canopies but it never fails. Any residue lifts off easily by dabbing with regular masking tape.
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chuck ryan
"chuck ryan" wrote in news:IGyZi.2718$ snipped-for-privacy@nlpi068.nbdc.sbc.com:
Instead of using BMF I use the silver wrappings of chocolate bars. You can (with some care and practice) easily peel off the paper backing. This will leave you with a very thin sheet of low-tack alumin(i)um.
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