Re: MRC DCC Sound Decoders

Read the review on the TTX site. Basically it boils down to you get
what you pay for. If you need sound and you only have 40 bucks then they
will do (otherwise save your money). I did hear they had trouble with 4
digit addressing but that might be fixed!
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Jon Miller
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Bob, The review is fifth down in the News column at:
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If they're ANYTHING like their Synchro Sound 750 unit in sound quality and reliability, save your money.
I have one of the above... posted a rather scathing review of it a while back. If you want to read it, go to
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and search for the subject line
MRC DCC Synchro Sound 750
No way I'm dropping any more money in their pockets. They've got a LONG way to go before I'd even consider purchasing a sound unit from them.
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Joe Ellis
TTX's ad in MR was enough to turn me off...."adequate" sound? Sounds like TTX is just trying to be nice.
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Karl Bond

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