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> " snipped-for-privacy@CreditValley.Railway" wrote > > > I am not an EBay seller, but I do send product to buyers by "mail". > > > > I just mailed a DVD to a client yesterday. Normal "parcel Post" would have > > been $0.96. > > The "signature required" Priority service was $1.60. For me it was worth the > > $0.64 to guarantee my client gets it, or if not that I can track it. > > > > Will > --------------------------------- > > Being from Canada and being inexperienced, you keep making non contributions > to this thread. U.S. and Canadian postal services are significantly

different in logistics,

expenses and cost to the consumer. > > Your first comment to this thread was a complaint of slow delivery by USPS, when > in fact you don't know if the tardiness was caused in the US system or North of > the border. You've proven repeatedly in the past 24 hours that on this subject, you > are an ignoramus. > >

Do you know for a FACT that the delay was not caused by the US PS? Does the US PS charge THAT much more to guarantee delivery? Canada charges only 40% more to get the signature, how much does it cost in the US? If the difference in cost is so great, maybe that in itself is an admission that their basic service is not good...

as for the ignoramus comment, I just consider the source and chuckle...

For a fellow who openly admits to an identity crisis, you are sure opinionated... Best go back to your Bachman-Tyco-Life-Like layout and enjoy your toys...

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" snipped-for-privacy@CreditValley.Railway" responds:

Neither of us *knows* the cause of the delay. But then again, I'm not the one making the unfounded accusation.

No one can GUARANTEE delivery. The different carriers can contract with their customers to reimburse an agreed upon amount if the package is not delivered but they can not guarantee delivery.

Lazy and a moron? Look it up:

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What grade level did you achieve before dropping out of school? This is another baseless assumption on your part. You're good at that. Too bad it pays so poorly, you wouldn't be living in that cardboard box.

Like other types of insurance premiums, USPS' excessively high charges for insurance are mostly the result of fraudulent claims. USPS system is the envy of the rest of the world, especially Canadians who pay so much to ship a package cross Country that they can mail to the USA and have it resent to Canada at a cost savings.

What does it cost to mail a 500 gram package from Vancouver, BC to Montreal?

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What does it cost to mail the same package from Seattle, WA to New York, NY?
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