Re: Pay for Yahoo?

> >> Not to burst your bubbles, but I have read yahoo is losing
> >> money, and is going to switch to pay for service, including
> >> searches. And as is most of the internet. The free ride is
> >> coming to an end.
> >
> > Never happen, my friend. I've been doing consulting in this
> > field for quite a while, and it's just not realistic. Somebody
> > will *always* offer it for free; and if you charge, people will
> > leave. For example, if Yahoo starts charging, everyone will
> > move over to Google. Simple. True, very few inet companies are
> > making money, but there's the facts of free service.
> It looks like it may be starting to happen:
> Interesting news... today Yahoo! said that as of September 30 it had 4.2
> million unique paying subscribers to its services, compared with 3.5 million
> three months ago and 1.5 million a year ago. Yahoo also said that its paid
> search and regular on-line advertising grew almost 50% from a year ago.
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> On the flip side of the copin, I haven't seen any report of an overall exodus
> away from Yahoo!.
Do those paid subscribers include those who have SBCYahoo as their ISP?
(Formerly prodigy)?
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Mark Mathu
Also Yahoo reported very strong 3rd quarter earnings last week and raised its future earnings "guidance". So it's not losing money. Of course, the P/E is still 100, but it's not loosing money.
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I don't think the issue of Yahoo! making money or not was ever germane to the discussion of Yahoo's premium pay service and if people would be willing to pay to join railroad discussion groups at Yahoo.
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Mark Mathu

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