Floquil color or formula for

CB&Q red hood units? I have somehow lost my old formulary.


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My source for orig 5 parts R 187 Socony Red 1 part R 11 Reefer White


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''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Not Floquil, but . . .

Post 1958 Chinese Red Scheme:

Model Flex #165-16153 CB&Q Chinese Red Accu-Paint #102-10 Chinese Red Scale Coat #640-76 CB&Q Chinese Red Scale Coat2 #640-2076 CB&Q Chinese Red

The above and other Burlington paint and decal info from:

Click (on left under CONSIST window), "Modelers Depot"

From there click on "Paint Shop", "Decal Shop", etc. as desired.

Take care,

Paul - "The CB&Q Guy"

-- "An important part of this hobby is building things, and the fun of building is nearly always more important than the mere possession of a model" ~ Linn H. Westcott ~


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Paul K - The CB&Q Guy

And thanks, Don, for the formula. I'll have to locate the Socony if I go thataway!


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