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"James" wrote
I have several older items that I found stored away for 30 years or so.
> Sample photo of a Westside HOn3.
> Where does on go to find out the value of these vintage items?
(A) You do NOT post attachments to binary newsgroups.
There is no (B).
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P. Roehling
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A) You meant NON-binary newsgroups, like this one.
B) I'm surprised it came through. Many ISPs ans news hosts automatically strip binary attachments from non-binary NGs.
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Wolf K.
On 1/5/2008 11:16 AM P. Roehling spake thus:
Well, like I said in an earlier post, there's really nothing automagical to stop attachments such as that from "going through"; it's completely up to each NNTP server whether to filter them out or not. Most don't; mine doesn't.
But more to the point, are you insisting on punishing the O.P. because they dared to violate that rule? What's the harm? Do you really think this is going to cause images to flood the group? Can't you just forgive them their minor transgression, and either answer the damn question or shut up?
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David Nebenzahl
Aw, come on, you could at least have given the 'Standard' response to these types of inquirys, I.E. Visit E-Bay, and check their 'Completed Sales Archives'
Chuck D.
P. Roehl> "James" wrote
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Charles Davis
"David Nebenzahl" wrote
Urm, David, since you're doing *exactly* the same thing you accuse me of doing, the question is how come it's okay for you to play net-nanny, but not for others? (Insert "pot-kettle-black" or other cliché of your choice here.)
Sheesh yourself.
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P. Roehling
On 1/5/2008 2:56 PM P. Roehling spake thus:
Well, if I've done that in the past (play net-nanny), then I must apologize for doing so. I have advocated things like recognizing attempts to be polite, for instance the poor guy who asked if it was okay to post a commercial link and was then jumped on for doing so. But if I do start behaving like a net-nanny, just slap me upside the head.
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David Nebenzahl
Yup. But that only goes back for the last two weeks, and the odds of finding a particular brass loco that's sold in that period of time are not very good.
EBay also keeps a listing of completed sales that goes quite a ways back so that you can keep track of sales prices with a statistically significant sample over a given period of time, but if I understood the text correctly it's only available to eBay sellers, and that for a price.
Since I'm not an eBay seller, that's all I know about it.
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P. Roehling
Because you don't - it's a usenet standard rule. In any event, if you do, most sites will shitcan the post. *
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