Removing Lettering from Proto Heritage Steam Locomotives

Has anyone tried to remove the factory lettering from Proto Heritage Steam
Locomotives, particularly the 0-6-0? If so, how did it turn out? Can you
get by without repainting?
Thanks in advance for your help,
Phil Bostian
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Phil Bostian
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Yes and it was a complete xxxx-xx. The ink used for lettering is tougher than the paint underneath.
I have stripped one model - the paint came off fine and the lettering only came away with some poking.
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Short answer is no. I've tried several things and each time end up stripping all the paint. The letters seem to be more durable than the base paint. Same with the 0-8-0, haven't touched my 2-8-8-2 yet. It might just stay in NW paint.
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