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Some years ago, before I had the time and/or money to build my layout I purchased several layout books searching for ideas. Several moves between cities and countries these books where relucantly disgarded and I am now looking for help to find the book again.

The layout I wish to build was a mining railroad. It's main feature was a trestle construction where the ore cars were pushed up onto so their contents could be discharged into a waiting barge. The cars were then gravity pulled down a long incline to a storage yard.

Does this ring any bells to anyone???

If so, may I please get the name of the publication so i may purchase it once more.

Thank you, Simon Waters

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Simon Waters
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N or HO??

Plan 8 of "101 Track plans has somthing like that.... Plan 88 also...

Hard to say which is the one you want with out a better discription. Was it a shelf layout? a 4x8? ...

"Simon Waters" wrote in news:

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Gordon Reeder

G'day Simon.

Did you get an answer to this? I have some old track planning books that I can look through, but it will be a coupla days before I can do that. I can recall seeing a layout that featured an unloading facility in which emptied cars ran down a ramp to a short incline which reversed their direction of travel. On the reverse journey a switch was thrown that routed the cars to a yard. Is this what you're after?

Regards, Ron McF

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