Supplier Gresley A4 castings

Hi Group,

I am wanting to make a Gresley A4 live steam model in either 3.5 or 5 inch gauge.

Does anyone know of supplier that produces castings to machine to make such a model in either of these gauges?

If the casting are available in other guages - I would be interested in knowing about them as well.



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Stuart Norris
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I'm not sure what the A4 is, but I believe Reeves used to sell castings for the Flying Scotsman in 5" gauge. I think Reeves is back in business, but I don't know if they have the same line of castings they used to have.

I recently read an article about a gauge 1 Aster kit for the Flying Scotsman.

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A4 are the streamlined ones, Mallard and Dwight D Eisenhouer (spelling?) were / are A4

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