The MR DVD on Linux

Well, for those of you who run a real operating system...

My wife got me the MR 75 yr DVD. Runs on Macs, mostly for WinDoze. And they won't give out the password for the .pdf's.

I haven't had a lot of luck with other software, but I thought I'd try wine... and sure enough, it installs. Click on the desktop icon, once installed, and it runs.

Now it's time for me to finally break down and get a larger hard drive....

And, on another note, after 10 years, I've got layout tables up, and just, for the first time after those years, started laying track.


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You're on a downhill spiral :-)

Some years ago I bought a network-connected 200gb drive that could be accessed from both the desktop and the laptop.

This was used for automatic backups and to archive photographs, magazine articles and TV programs I recorded.

When I filled it up and needed to upgrade I got a RAID box with two mirrored 500gb drives. This gave two copies of everything I saved on it so there was no longer a single point of failure for data I didn't want to lose.

A couple of years later I replaced the drives with a pair of 2 terabyte drives.

Which should have lasted a lifetime.

Now I've got another box with two more 2 terabyte mirrored drives.

Total of 4 terabytes doubled up with the second copy of everything. And I've got a bit more than 500 gob (doubled up) left.

But it means I've got confidence that decades of photographs, magazine articles etc are safe.

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Christopher A. Lee

How often do you actually open these pics, articles and so forth? I've saved piles of files and often wondered why I bothered. Most can be easily refound on the web if so desired.

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