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Is there a track bending tool that can bend a track with a "macine" to any desired radius perfectly?

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What kind of track? If you mean H0 flex track, no, it will bend by hand just fine (so long as the radius is not excessively small). Actually you don't want to bend it to one specific radius, you really want an easement, which *gentle* bending will give you naturally.

There is a special tool for bending girder rail (used for trolley tracks) -- see

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Robert Heller

here is a rail bending tool

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There has been a series of curved pieces of metal that are intended for setting the curve radius of flex track on the market for a long time. They do work to a degree but do tend to be rather erratic in their action as far as I'm concerned, especially in the longer radius version. If you're doing something like 15" radius, I'd suspect that they'll work just fine. My preference when doing flex track would be to draw a set of lines forming the inside and outside tie lines and bend the track so that if fits inside the lines. This works well for the track that will hold it's shape. For the floppy track, just draw a line delinating the edge of the ties on the roadbed and glue the track down to the line. Another choice, especially with larger radius curves is to make up a large plywood piece so that it butts up against either the rail or the ties and lay the track down with that.

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