UP in trouble with Calif.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Responding to a series of recent accidents and near misses involving Union Pacific trains in California ? including two this month when freight cars almost crashed into Metrolink trains in Los Angeles ? state officials criticized the Omaha-based railroad Thursday and called on it to improve its safety practices.

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They dumped a few tank cars near me also. Lucky they were empty. UP is probably more concerned with their pound of flesh from model manufactures than keeping the cars on the rails!

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Jon Miller

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Would you please respect the wishes of that railroad and when you write it do so like this: Union Pacific(R)

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Salinas McGee

But wretched starts with a W, not an R!

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E Litella

UP will ingore this and tell them to f off. Meanwhile it will hire more lawyers to go after Microscale. What a pack of idiots is running that once proud company.

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Union Pacific may try a new, friendly slogan, stating they belong to their customers.

Stated simply: UP. YOURS!

(take extra grins as necessary to find humor)

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David Walker

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