Walther's Diesel Fueling Facility Question?

What is the purpose of the "Unloading Rack" component of Walther's Diesel Fueling Facility (kit 933-2908) and -- more importantly -- where should it be located?

The Walther's box and instructions show vague and differing locations.

My guess is that this rig is used for transferring fuel from tanker cars to the kit's storage tank. That it should be located near the tank is all the Walther's box and instructions suggest.

Where exactly should it be located and how should it be oriented?

Can anyone provide an informed answer (rather than a guess)?


Craig Cooper

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"biff" wrote in news:NvSdnaiXiLbkRxXYnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@comcast.com:

I would think that the most important point would be that the hose should be able to reach the dome on top of the car ....

If the hose doesn't reach, pull the swingarm closer to the side of the car. When you are not unloading, push the swing arm away so it is parallell to the track, so you don't accidentally sidesweep it when moving tank cars.

If you get that effect, it should work - no matter whether you can sweep out a half circle or a quarter circle when moving the rack, or whether you have to move the rack clockwise or counterclockwise.

Smile, Stein

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Stein R

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