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See how I applied Campbell's shingles on the junk yard office roof. This was
a lot of extra work and will not be repeated again for a while. The model is
close to the front of the layout edge so that is where I do the extra detail
work. See it at
formatting link

Phil Anderson
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Still looks like crappy campbell scale textureless postal tape shingles.
The only way to go is individual shingles cut out of masking tape.
Take a wide strip of tape about 2" long and cut scale sized shingles with an hobby knife. then stipple it with appropriate colored paint and apply them one by one using the tape's texture to represent grain.
Vary the colors slightly on several different pieces and mix them up as you use them. Pulling them blind out of a container works well.
Use shades of brown or gray for wood shingles and blue-greys for slate.
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Looked pretty damned good to me.
There is no "only way to go", method depends on what the individual modeller wants. I sometimes think some model builders never look out of their windows, and try to pay attention to what they see. I'm sitting here, looking out my window at houses across the alley from me. Two houses down the alley, I see the garage, I can just make out the lines in the roofing. Two houses further, a large two story with a black roof, I don't see the lines, it's a mottled black. As far as details, on neither of them do I see the rafter ends, only the plates. Hmm.
There is no "only way" to do anything.
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