36 volt generator

I have just picked up a generator that was promised to me last season and as I know little about it, I would appreciate it if the experts can help.

On the plate it says:- Generator charging 1260 watt

35 volts, 36 amps 1800 RPM Lancashire Dynamo & Crypto Ltd W.D. no 6145 42A947 5DF4 1942 12

I have no control board for it, there is a brass output socket which has + - and F marking the three terminals, what is the F terminal? has anyone a suitable regulator for it?

Was it worth £30?

Pictures at (no comments on the colour please)

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Pete Aldous
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Looks OK but imho Not worth 30 quid. I think there is a gut in Australia who is in Stationary Engine mag as the Gen set Help line expert. Plenty of info on the net.

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Colin Jacobs

I assume it's DC with a commutator. The + and - are obvious, F is the field winding and is varied to control the output of the generator. It sounds like the construction used on car generators of the period so would have had a separate control box. Hopefully others can fill in more details.


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John Manders

Standard dynamo fitted to many battery charging sets of the late 30 and 40s inc Norman, jap, etc. Well worth 30 squid. regards Roland

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Roland and Celia Craven

Looks to be in good general order AND on a trolley. I'd have expected to be asked £60 and if I'd haggled it down to £40 ish, I'd have been happy - so yes, well worth thirty quid.

Useful thing to load up an engine with and being on its own trolley gives you various options, does it not? Watcha going to drive it with Pete? If it was in my shop, I'd be hovering a flat twin over it in a speculative fashion.

As to control, it should not be too hard to find an old commercial vehicle

24 volt FADE control box and tweak it to control the output.


Kim Siddorn.

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Kim Siddorn

Thanks to all the on and off group replies, I think I have the information I need now.

In answer to Kim's question, probably "Polly" which the girls have nicknamed my Petter, I think it needs a bit of a load to make it work as it was intended and yes, the little trolley is a bonus as the old back is a bit iffy lately and lifting it out of the back of the Land Rover when I got it home was a bit of a strain.

Thanks again.

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Pete Aldous

======================= A trolley for Polly? Good Golly, Miss Molly!

Sorry - just can't help myself sometimes!

Jack in Oz

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Jack Watson

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