A Lesson to be learned!!!

My good friend, John Hammink has just had a nasty experience with his engine. He has given me permission to post his letter & photo,s to the list as a reminder to us all of how careful we should be.


-------- Hi All,

Unfortunately I had a very bad accident this morning when playing engines. While I was adjusting the speed device, the wind blew my T-shirt in the clutch pulley and in a fraction of a second it winds up me totally and I turned one and a half turns around and smacked me against the concrete floor of my back yard. At the moment I was in sitting position I gripped the string of wound cloth with all my power and the engine stopped, it made 260 rpm at the moment it all happened. Cursing all the bad guys from hell and realised I had all the luck I could get that moment. The whole body is stiff, hurt my knees, some bruises and several wounds. Ria my wife took a few shots quickly after she had rung the Doctor. We went to the Doctor and he did a few stitches in my head and cheek and for safety reasons a tetanus injection.

learn of my accident TAKE CARE !!!

********************************* pictures can be seen at:
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C-yak, John Hamming Anna Paulowna, Netherlands.

-- Dave Croft Warrington England

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