Atlas Copco air compressors

A little bit off topic, but it is in relation to our stationary engine
project (a home build generator).
We've come across a deal to buy two large Atlas Copco air compressors
for £100
They have the following specs:
* 60cfm (unknown pressure, presume high enough)
20HP AC motors attached
* Twin piston
* Removed from workshop running, one full time, other backup
Possible model number NT7 (unsure, can't find any literature)
There are some pictures here:
formatting link

Problem is, they are located 170 miles away, and we would need to hire
a transit to go and collect them. This adds at least £90 to the cost
(unless someone knows a really cheap place to hire vans).
Is it worth it? I'm pretty sure that the electric motors will work,
not so sure about the compressors. What could go wrong with the
compressor and motor? Would we be able to get/make parts?
Our goal is to attached both the motor and compressor to our generator
(it is possible to use an induction motor as a generator with some
tricks), hopefully using up it's 60bhp quite usefully.
Thanks for any help,
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