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Afternoon all
I have just been offered what is thought to be a small threshing machine
- its from a university genetics department that used to do very small
scale crop trials. I am led to believe it works although I doubt it has
been used for yonks. I haven't actually seen it in person as yet but
have a photo of it which I can forward to anyone who may be interested.
I'd put it online but don't have anywhere I can easily put the image
at the moment. You can see a logo on the side but its too low res to
make it out.
Just to put its size into perspective, judging by other items in the
photo i would think it is no more than about 4 foot tall and two foot
square maximum.
I am going to go and take a look at it in the next day or so to try and
get some more info on it - like a makers name at least!
Does this tickle anyones fancy here?
There is also a floor standing belt sander (400v) that will be looking
for a new home.
These items are located in Cambridge a few minutes away from CB3 0DL
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Dudley Simons
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Is this a machine made specifically for a laboratory? Glen Creston is one company that made machines specially for laboratories, although I'm unsure if they made threshing machines. I have a small Glen Creston grinder that I use for coffee beans, and it's the best small grinder I've seen. Very well made. A thresher is probably more than I can accommodate, though I might find room for another small grinder.
Best wishes,
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Christopher Tidy
Speaking in ignorance of the machine being discussed, it might be a seed cleaner/separator.
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should have added that this is not an ancient belt drive thresher but a 'modern' electric one
Dudley Sim> Afternoon all
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Dudley Simons
Oddly enough, I worked on a research farm just outside Cambridge for a bit (but nothing to do with the uni) - a lot of the equipment was probably 1960s. The seed separator was deafening and had absolutely no safety features whatsoever :-)
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Jules Richardson

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