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A number of Blackstone single cylinder engines came equipped with an air start system. The system comprised a receiver (Storage Cylinder), pressure gauge, cylinder shut of valve and a control valve attached to the cylinder of the engine. This control valve was used to regulate the charging of the cylinder & the starting of the engine. Our club has a Blackstone with cylinder, shut of valve & pressure gauge. What we are looking for is information /drawings of the control valve., such that we can manufacture a replica.

Is there anyone out there who can assist.

John W Greenhill SA

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John W
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Talk to Michael Key, his website details are in my sig below, his full contact details are in the site.


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Peter Forbes Prepair Ltd Luton, UK email: home:

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Prepair Ltd

John --

I have an SFC 12hp with the air start cylinder (Model BG). Mine's in lots of bits, but I'll try to locate the air valve. There's not that many of these engines about.

There is another in Oz. Patrick Livingstone has a couple of pix of it on his site. A most unusual colour scheme ..... if you track it down, I'd like to know the owner to swap some stories & pix (but I won't need his colour charts...)

Philip T-E on this list pointed me to one in Leicester Museum. It's a bit smaller than mine (probably an 8hp), & it is fixed, rather than portable. The museum staff were immensely helpful & dug it out from its buried hiding hole for me to take pix. Happy to send those pix over. I didn't note many measurements, but have enough to give rough scale, but not to create engineering drawings ......


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Local guy with a CSI was in at the weekend - its in bits so doing a drawing of the valve would not be too hard.


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