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You lot have been busy this week, its going to take a week to read it all. Please keep in mind those of us who still have to work for a living :-))

Martin P

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Oi! we are not all gentlemen of leisure on a 7-day weekend you know!:-))


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Prepair Ltd

Only get Sundays Off & they are taken up with Blooming Rallies!

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Colin Jacobs

I suppose that technically I am - and have been for some years now - a gentleman of leisure. Not a lotta money, but free to do more or less as I please with my days.

So how is it I've not been in the workshop for three weeks, not even opened the door? The most I've seen of it is the blank steely stare of the doors into the lane I peer at anxiously as I walk the dog in the evening.

Nope, I'm either here typing, editing our quarterly journal, talking to clients on the phone or driving 200 miles to do site visits. I'm currently arranging to do just that after Easter for a show in 2007! The season starts next weekend with four days away over Easter then its almost every other weekend away either with society stuff or engine rallies until October. Weekdays are for school visits, an average of two a week, thirty planned or done already this year.

- and in the midst of all this I'm trying to finish me book ........ arrrgh.

Retired? Must have me confused with someone with more time and less to do ;o))


Kim Siddorn.

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Kim Siddorn

I'm doing my best, I finally got my lap top to log onto the internet via my mobile phone but at 9.6kbps it was so damn slow it was painfull to watch. I can get my own personal emails through my the WAP on my phone but havent managed to get newsgroups yet. I came home a day early today because I dropped a clanger, I was supposed to go around my customers in a specific order serviceing the Wash machines but because yesterday I could not get into one till today I went somewhere else. Wasn't allowed in to the next customer today cos I wasn't clean. So I have got to go back again next week for three days to finish.

Never mind.

Mart> >

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