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No not declaration of love! Recorded program about Fred Dibnah recreating a mine in his back garden and finally got round to watching it yesterday. Good stuff, though watching the antics of Fred and his similarly aged helpers did put one in mind of something out of last of the summer wine. Question - is that it or is/was there a follow on?

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Nick Highfield
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Nick, I very much enjoyed this programme and would love a follow-up. Compared to the plastic overnight celebrities whose job is to be enthusiastic about whatever the current topic is, Fred is a breath of fresh air, and one of the few people I make an effort to watch on the TV. (Grumpy old man mode coming on, I think)

I don't know whether they have made another programme already, though the local planners getting involved would slow everything down.

Fred, according to Old Glory, sadly is suffering from cancer. Hopefully its treatable, but OG didn't specify this. Let's hope he returns to full health and we can continue to enjoy him.

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin

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Email sent to BBC asking if they can retransmit it for us that missed it. Not often there's a program on worth watching and devastation if missed.

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Gentlemen, One of my living Hero's who according to OG his cancer is untreatable. Good program like all his others.

Martin P

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