Fred Dibnah

Hot Fog man Fred Dibnah is on tonight. CJ

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Colin Jacobs
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Kevin Steele

Be quiet, I'm watchin t'telly

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

Just a few, but rather less than I should have!


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Stephen Howard

A very odd programme altogether. Don't get me wrong, it was enjoyable enough in a relaxed cricket-on-the-village-green kind of way, but there were times that I felt it was so slow that one could see the glaciers in the edge of frame slowly edging by!

To be charitable, it was a very observational piece of television, rather like those wildlife programmes where the Main Interest gets injured and everyone except the presenter silently urges him to get out of the Landie and pull the bloody thorn out of its paw! But that would be interfering ......

I really do think they took it to extremes towards the end of the show with Fred and his mates pottering about in an old passageway in a coal mine that had had its roof ripped off. Minutes went by with them stood about in a coaly slot and it ended with a shot of a big yellow puddle with some rubbish in it. My bowels loosened with excitement at that, I can tell you ;o))

Hope the pace picks up next week and some technical stuff would be nice. There are ten more to go ................


Kim Siddorn.

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Kim Siddorn

Ooh, I's like the music biz...90% of it is standing around.

I thought it all helped to foster an atmosphere of times past and things lost. It was particularly a particularly poignant moment when Fred patted the old boilers ( no laughing at the back, please ).

I guess, for me, Fred is the sort of person who's interesting when he's just standing there.

Mind might have been the Steam Ale at work...


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Stephen Howard

" Fred, haf ye seen t'key f't door?" "nay, it's prolly hangin on't nail in't wagon."

14 miles in seven hours for about a ton of coal, incredible. steve the grease
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R L Driver

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