Fred Dibnah

Fred Dibnah passed away today, heard it on the 4 0'clock news.
Peter A Forbes
Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK
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Prepair Ltd
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I was fortunate to meet the Gent on a couple of occasions and if ever I had a Hero he would be top of the list.
Martin P
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Aye, a sad day but not unexpected. B-(
One of the real characters that make the world a much better place to be.
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Dave Liquorice
did he ever complete his coal shaft?
thanks, Martyn
very sad i met him as well, i have alot of respect for him
whats gonna happen to his yard? hope someone dont trash it.
suppose on the other side of things the concil will b happier
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Martyn Butler
............ unless, of course, there's a charitable trust formed to preserve it all and carry on his work...............
(sounds of knashing teeth from the Council)
Brian L Dominic
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Brian Dominic me
I had the good fortune of meeting Fred on many occasions,but the most memorable was at Cockermouth when he was demolishing the mill chimney there. I presented him with a framed photograph that I had taken of him at the previous year's Grappenhall rally when He was there with "ATLAS" . I'll never forget his reaction when he pulled that picture out of the bag.
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