Great Dorset Steam Fair Pictures


I have put up my pictures from Dorset, a lot of Listers there this year. Also some gaps in the line which as always is a shame. The pens were narrower but to over come this the engines were staggered to allow the owners some where to sit.

Over the five days the only problem I had was when my friend opened the big window at the end of my caravan and the whole thing fell out. I've spent this afternoon repairing it and have come to the conclusion rightly or wrongly that the window had been forced as I can not see how seven fixings which hold the window would cause the glass (Perspex) to fracture at each point simultaneously. Anyway with the aid of hidden countersunk M4 bolts it isn't coming off as quick this time.

My ramps worked a treat and only take a few minutes to fix and remove.

Martin P

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Some good looking photos martin

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Nick Holden

"Campingstoveman" wrote (snip):-

Looks like you weren't the only one to suffer from the Great Dorset loose wallahs

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Nick H

I had nothing removed so count my self lucky, just a pain spending half a day of my holiday doing a repair job that may not have been needed.

Mart> "Campingstoveman" wrote (snip):-

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