Can anyone tell me where a friend can get rally insurance for his stationary engine for this coming weekend at a reasonable cost? thanks,


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It's not that easy, as most brokers won't handle it, but you could call Footman James (have a look on Google for a contact phone number) they are reputed to do mostly that sort of insurance, but expect to pay a minimum charge.

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Hi, Two of the firms we went to plus the one we are now using are talking about a "Certificate of Competence" for the operation of an internal combustion engine in a public place - the suggestion seemed to be aimed at larger engines rather than Lister Ds etc. They seemed to think that this will become a requirement in the near future and without it you will not get insurance. The local rally organiser has also been told that requirements for steam and vehicle movement on the site will be much stricter next year.


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Paul, Me again :-)) at Dorset this year all engine owners (steam) had to produce a Risk Assessment for each engine.

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Simple, join the Farm Machinery Preservation Society for the grand sum of £10.00 per year which includes insurance cover to the tune of £5.000.000. No limit to the number of engines being run. You also get an excellent magazine four times a year ( I would say that as I produce it! ) your contact is Norman Wasteney on

01245 440947 The subs fall due on Jan 1st each year and it is likely they will rise to perhaps £12.00 this year but still a bargain. If you need more info mail me off group.
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