Interesting looking auction on this weekend

Hi guys. H & H are running an interesting looking "farm" sale this
weekend just outside Carlisle. I know it clashes with the Harrogate
exhibition (among other things), but it still deserves a mention I
Details can be found here:
formatting link

It's worth downloading the catalogue as H & H never list everything on
the web. Usual disclaimer, I post for interests sake and I am not
linked to either the auctioneer or the vendor in any way other than as
an occasional customer.
There is also the regular sale of farm tractors/implements, plant and
general tools on Thursday. The last one yielded a good big pedestal
grinder, a Fobco bench drill and some other goodies all for peanuts...
Cheers, Scruff.
PS the yahoo group for Centec milling machines is alive and well.
Thanks to all from these groups who have helped to support it...
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Alive, but not lively ..Maybe time for me to post some more questions. Steve
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Can you send me a link as I have a Centec 2 I have questions about.
Martin P
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Its a Yahoo group, as follows :
formatting link
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