JAP 2A value?

Can any of our experts please give me an idea of the value of a JAP 2A engine, complete, not seized, looks to be in war department green paint. I can't find a name plate, engine number etc. Thanks. please remove nojunk from email addy.

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Setting a value is always difficult - but here goes. If I'm wildly out, there are any number of lurkers here that will tell me of it!

It sounds like it doesn't run. That's a pity because if you are looking to sell it here or in SE magazine, you'll get a lot more interest if it goes. Probably it only needs the dead petrol residue cleaned out of the carb and jets, the points removed and refaced on a bit of glass covered with 400+ grit W&D to strip off the oxide and regapping. Fresh petrol will almost certainly make it go - they are forgiving little beasts.

It sounds like it is just an engine - not a genny or a pump - if otherwise, please say ;o))

That all said, I'd think you'd be doing OK to get £15 - £25 for a complete, bare JAP 2A in non-running state and between £35-£45 if it's going and up together with a petrol tank, exhaust etc.

Just my opinion, you understand.


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn

One appeared on Ebay a while back for a ludicrous opening bid and was missing its cowling (which carries the number) into the bargain. Boat anchor or doorstop? ttfn

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Roland and Celia Craven

If it has no plate it is almost certain a WWII issue. The engine number should be stamped on the side or under the cowling. P Nutt is the expert on these engines. E-mail me if you require contact details. Tell me the number and I'll try and date it for you.

Is the engine stand alone or connected to something? Worth about £20-35. I paid £50 for a good operational engine connected to a 24v generator.

Regards, Ian.

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This retirement and staying home thing is making you very cynical, I ask you "door stop or Anchor" one of your fine Petters would do better than a Jap 2A because of their mass :-)), by the way second day home early and I've been to Manchester, going for the record of three days in a row. Now who's getting cynical.

Martin P

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