Mis-fill petrol car with bio-ethanol?

Slightly OT, but it's an interesting question.
What's the likely damage / recovery strategy if a petrol car is filled
with a tankful of bio-ethanol? (Morrison's finest E-85, which is
85% plant-derived ethanol, 15% petrol).
AIUI, the octane is somwehere around 5-star levels, but the calorific
value is lowered. There's nothing in it that should hurt lambda
and one tankful isn't enough to cause the long-term problems with
rubbers and elastomers. So I'm guessing it's OK to just burn it off,
expecting reduced performance in the meantime. Probably wise to top up
every quarter tank though, and dilute it as fast as possible.
Car is a mid-90s Ford Escort, of no great loveliness.
(time passes)
What has actually happened is that the owner has now paid =A3100 + new
tankful to have it pumped out. The pump guy reckoned that "If it was a
diesel it would have been OK", but that a petrol engine needing
pumping. On the whole I think they're just plain wrong and they'd got
confused between bio-diesel and bio-ethanol.
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Andy Dingley
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Wouldn't it just have run too weak because the ecu couldn't accommodate pumping 40% more fuel to the injectors? I don't have any modern cars but I guess this would have made it run in "limp home mode", basically rev limited at 2000rpm.
I'd have like the tankful to run in my wife's stock MGB, easy enough to change the jets in an SU!
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