Petrol life.

Since the switch to unleaded it has become very noticeable that the keeping
properties of petrol have worsened. Left in an engine it soon smells stale
and, given a few months, throws down an horrible 'varnish' which clogs
things up no end. Does anybody know if this effect is purely due to the loss
of the more volatile fractions or is there a chemical reaction involved ie,
can fuel be safely kept for longer periods in sealed containers such as
jerry cans?
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Nick H
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God knows, all I know is that I make sure I use all I have and even my camper stands with very little in it as I dont want to strip the carb every spring.
Martin P
Nick H wrote:
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I have no specific knowledge on the subject but I strongly suspect its more to do with the amount of catalytic cracked fuel in the blend. I suspect that part is not as stable as straight refined petrol. I also hear stories about octane numbers being increased by blowing LPG through the petrol - no idea if its true or not, but that would go some way to explain poor life.
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Tony Brooks
"Tony Brooks" wrote (snip):-
So the cat cracked components could be reverting back to their heavy origins?
Yum yum - Red Biddy ;-)
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Nick H

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