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Hello all, Could anyone please tell me where I can buy a new petrol tank for my lister D. Thanks in advance, Best regards Pete.

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There are several on Ebay at the moment.

Mart> Hello all, Could anyone please tell me where I can buy a new petrol

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Usual contacts mailed off group

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Arthur G

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Colin Jacobs

Hi, in my more active days I made several replacement fuel tanks for the engines I found. Soft soldering having been one of the trade skills of a telephone engineer. I was lucky to find a sheet metal supplier who had lead coated tin sheeting. (This might be called Ternplate) This solders very easily! I learned a lot years ago from a book from Percival Marshal called "How to work sheet metal" I hope this helps

Dave Croft

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Dave Croft

My dad taught me about soft soldering. These are the basic rules.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Resin fluxes are OK, but there is nothing like killed spirits (Baker's Soldering Fluid) for progressively cleaning steel & iron. Heat, dunk, heat, tin, dunk. Repeat until properly tinned all over.

Temperature is important - too little & the job won't stick, too hot and the lead goes all crystalline & will not solder properly.

Big irons are better than little ones.

Lead is crap in sheer. Try not to think of it in the same way as brazing, more like metallic glue.

High tin alloys of lead have a long plastic stage & are best for wiping joints.

Filling ill-fitting joints with solder only postpones the inevitable leak. All joints should be tight before soldering.

Long joint faces will give long service.

Any tinsmith worth his salt should be capable of soft soldering a steam engine boiler with complete success.

Finally, cleanliness is next to Godliness!.

All the Specials I built over the years and all my old British bikes always wore a set of Bowden cables that I'd made myself. Never lost a nipple ;o))


Kim Siddorn.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc!

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Kim Siddorn

. Never lost a

Not even when jogging :-))

Martin P

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