Moving some iron

Today, I sold my two ST P55's. The nice man came along, paid what I asked him in cash & took both of them away, making a very comforting space in my crowded workshop.

I am now resolved to Do Something about the chaos and will be flogging on duplicates, spares and some of the engines that it is obvious that I'll never get around to. Amongst these are;-

  • a couple of ST P55 marine gearboxes, one complete & in good order & another for spares.
*a brand new old stock Lucas starter, suitable for a Stuart Turner, but a standard Bendix device that would fit many British vehicles. *A fairly modern Clinton SV stationary engine in very good order & appears to be reconditioned. *An Edgar Westbury 80 Watt generator, complete & in reasonable order. Someone has repainted it green, but not WD paint. I've not had it running as I'd no sooner bought it than I found another one that is virtually unused. *An incomplete Coventry Victor 300cc MA2 flat twin. Rotates with compression, all major components present, needs a mag, tinware & some TLC. *A ladies "Triumph" cycle fitted with a BSA Winged Wheel. Complete & was in running order when I last tried it a year ago. No registration number. *A Velo-Solex engine with an early registration number. No paperwork. *A BSA Beagle lightweight motorcycle. All complete, an easy restoration.

That'll do for now, please reply off list if interested in anything.


Kim Siddorn.

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Kim Siddorn
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Hi Kim my name Kevin i live in hull. do you have any Coventry victor ac4 parts for sale. I am looking for a governor body cover and internals. if so i would be very interested. if so please e mail me at

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Probably worth advertising these on uk.rec.waterways

Chris D

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Chris N Deuchar

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