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In April I posted a question regarding National Engines, Geoff Chalner responded and has been most helpfull. After visiting the Anson museum and obtaining a copy of the National Engine B series hand book I hav estarted work on the engine.

I would like to thank everyone who reponded to my questions and look forward to being able to say another engine saved.

Geoff, If you read this I have the bore and serial number off the breach. I would be intereted in an aproximate date if you could help.

A question for anybody wo can help. At present the exhaust is from the engine, horizontally at low level into a circular "collector" outsie the building, below ground, then vertically out of the "collector" into an exhaust pipe. The pipe has been cut off at the top of the "collector" and hence will need replacing. Can anyone tell me what is this "collector", (internally it is empty.)



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I'd say it's just an expansion box to smooth out the gas flow from the explosions, to reduce the exhaust noise.


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Hi Hayden, It sounds like an exhaust pot. It allows the expansion and cooling of exhaust gases. Muffler or silencer is a more modern term but not descriptive of what you have.

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Rob Skinner

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