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Have got my cov climax home, and the bloke who I bought it off was a real gent, with a nice collection of cars, and a nice climax fire pump.

We also came to a deal for the bits he hadn't put on ebay (the frame the two engines sat on and the two 230v alternators.). After loading up my minor van and trailer (Trying to beat a ovlov here me thinks ;->) and a steady drive home, and unload into the garage.

I cleaned the years of gunk out of the sump, and the engine looks to have very little wear. The valves were stuck (as normal for an engine not used for years), and with a little coaxing the old girl fired and ran on her glass filter full of fuel. She was missfiring slightly, so a quick adjustment of the mag timing, and now she refueses to start. Full stop. I've statically timed her like before (the mag was out when I got her), but she just doesn't want to know. HELP! Everything is there, spark, fuel, compression. I just don't seem to get her going. I just flatten the battery (oh yes elecy start! I could do with the handle for her though).

The other thing which I don't understand is that the rad doesn't have a cap on the top, just a 2 inch(ish) pipe coming out the top at 45 degrees, with an olive on it for fitting another pipe. How am I supposed to cap this? Do I need a special fitting?

The alternators aren't bad, one doesn't meg out, but the other does. Just needs brush springs and a commutator clean. Oh and two men to pick it up to put it on top of the engine!

Thanks in advance for any help.

Andy G

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Andy Greening
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