OK, this is probably a really stupid question

What would anyone recommend for me to put in my oil can for general lubrication jobs, i.e. joints, levers, hinges & general moving parts? Do you use a 3in1 type machine oil, bog standard motor oil or a concoction of your own devising?

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick

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Ordinary engine oil: You have some already, it uses up the last dregs in the container which never seems to run out when you top up the engine oil, and you never run out of it (or you shouldn't!)


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Peter A Forbes

Thanks, as I suspected, I was being a bit dense

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IMHO, buy an aerosol of "spray grease" (any parts shop). It's stickier than oil (once dried), so it stays put.

In general though it just doesn't matter. Use what you have - better to do it with dog oil than to ignore it because you don't have "the right stuff".

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Andy Dingley

With the possible exception of bacon fat, anything you lubricate your engine with will be better in just about every way compared to the oils available in the first quarter of the last century.

There is often discussion about whether one should use mono or multi-grade oils. A case is frequently made that monograde oils work better in older engines as the engine was designed with wider tolerances. I cannot see that this is relevant, as a multigrade oil will remain (effectively) of steady viscosity regardless of temperature when operating within its range. The great majority of the engines discuss here will never exceed that range, even under load unless circumstances are exceptional.

Peter is right: use the dregs out of whatever container of modern engine oil that comes to hand with a clear conscience ;o))


Kim Siddorn.

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Kim Siddorn

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